Chaotic traffic plagues Hanoi school timetable
  • By Nguyen Hung – Quang Phong | | February 02, 2012 08:27 PM
 >>  Parents and teachers concerned about change in school hours
 >>  Changes in office and school hours still raise doubts
 >>  Hanoi to change work and school hours to ease traffic

Despite ample forewarning of the changes in school hours, Hanoi’s street proved chaotic on the first day of a pilot scheme ironically intended to ease traffic congestion.


Chaotic traffic at the school gate during the shift change 

The street outside Ngo Si Lien Secondary School on February 1 descended into anarchy as students travelling for their morning and afternoon classes coincided.

Previously, students of the school’s morning shift ended their classes at 11:50 am but now they study until 12:15pm. While students on the afternoon shift are required to start their classes at 12:30pm. This 15 minute period proved insufficient for the morning school shift to leave the premises, causing serious traffic jams on Ham Long Street.

Even though the school’s teachers and several volunteers had taken part in regulating the traffic, their efforts proved largely in vain.

The school’s guard said, “Traffic was previously easier around the school as the afternoon shift started about 40 minutes after the morning shift ended. Now the break has been shortened.”

Photos taken at the school:


Crowded school-yard in the early afternoon

Having a look at the new study timetable

The morning shift now lasts until 12:15pm, instead of 11:50am

Early arrivals for the afternoon shift

Parents hurry to take their children to school

Giving way to pupils leaving the morning shift

Teachers and volunteer students attempted to regulate the traffic
Hurrying to leave school after the morning shift

Students of the morning shift end their classes

Struggling through the crowds

Overcrowded school

Serious traffic jams on Ham Long Street

Chaotic traffic

Waiting for the afternoon shift

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