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Tam Coc-Trang An’s beauty during festival season
  • |, Dan Viet | June 05, 2024 11:37 AM
The Ninh Binh Tourism Week 2024 is taking place, with various activities.


At this time of the year, paddy fields, known as among five most beautiful in Vietnam, are ripening. Visitors can immerse themselves in the bustling harvesting atmosphere and experience rice harvesting.

Tourists can see a colossal piece of artwork depicting a flute-playing shepherd boy riding his buffalo on picturesque rice fields.


One of the festival highlights is the river procession, featuring 63 boats carrying outstanding farm produce across the country as offerings to the Agricultural God. This also honours the beauty of the northern region’s farming traditions.

The Ninh Binh Tourism Week 2024 which started on June 1 was scheduled to end on June 8.

The event will include folk art performances, displays of local handicrafts, a photography tour along with cultural programmes such as water puppet shows, cheo (traditional opera), xam (buskers’ singing) and a goat fighting contest.

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