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Saigon's floating market a bit less vibrant
  • By Tu Nghia-Tung Nguyen | | December 05, 2011 11:40 AM

The floating market in Ho Chi Minh City, while keeping a vestige of it's past, has been bogged down by modern elements.

Before the East-West Highway was open to traffic, the market was located under the Lo Gom Bridge, on the Tau Hu-Ben Nghe Canal. But since the highway was put into operation, the market had to be moved up the canal. As a consequence there has been less activity. 

The market consists of fruits and vegetables brought from the south-west. Customers are usually small traders who sell at the retail level in the markets of Ho Chi Minh City. 

The market is most active between 4am and 8am, but in the afternoon there are still sellers left to sell off what hasn't been sold.

The 1st and the 15th of the lunar calendar attract the most activity, with up to 50 or 60 boats. 

Some photos of the market:

Woman sells bananas early in the morning

Hu Tieu (noodles with seasoned beef)

Bags of fruit brought from the surrounding provinces

Carrying bananas to the bank 

Anchoring the boat

Bustling early morning

Weighing bananas

Carrying bananas from the boat to the canal bank

The products end up on the Ho Chi Minh City streets

Taking quick breakfast 


The market under the Lo Gom Bridge

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