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Blockhouse coffee shop in Hanoi
  • | VietnamNet, ANTD | September 29, 2011 09:14 PM

At this coffee shop, you will sit down near a black loophole to sip a cup of black coffee and see the sunset on the West Lake.

At the crossroad between To Ngoc Van and the road around the West Lake, there is a special coffee shop inside a blockhouse.

This blockhouse is called “Mother blockhouse”, which is connected to the “child blockhouse” by a trench. The two blockhouses are in the dense system of blockhouses in the Red River delta, built by the French. Sitting in the blockhouse, one can observe a vast area.

The “Mother blockhouse” is over 100sq.m, built by white stone and concrete, with thickness of 60-80cm. The blockhouse has two doors, which are very small. One door is sufficient for one person, and the another door is very low, which requires guests to bend to get through.

There are narrow corridors inside the blockhouse, with loopholes. An iron staircase stands at the center of the blockhouse, leading to the cylinder-shaped tower on the second floor. There are also many loopholes on the tower.


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