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Magnificent beauty of Quang Tri cave
  • | | June 03, 2024 07:15 AM
Van Tien Cave in the central province of Quang Tri features magnificent stalactites along with a meandering underground river, creating unique and breathtaking scenery.

Located beneath a mountain in Huong Hoa District’s Huong Son Commune, Van Tien Cave remains a pristine and untouched gem, yet to be developed for tourism.

Van Tien Cave boasts impressive stalactite formations with unusual shapes and vibrant colours, similar to those in the neighbouring province of Quang Binh.


The most impressive stalactite formations flow like a river of sand and cascading waterfalls. An underground river winds its way along the cave floor.

Many fish live in the underground river, including eel and hemibagrus.

Van Tien Cave, discovered by local residents in 2020, has sparked a wave of excitement. The North Huong Hoa Nature Reserve, in collaboration with a group of local explorers, has begun the thrilling journey of surveying this hidden treasure.

According to the team, the entrance to Van Tien Cave is only wide enough for one person to enter, and they have begun to explore the cave.

Quang Tri authorities will invite professional explorers to survey Hang Tien Cave in the coming time.

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