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Murals revitalise Binh Dinh fishing village
  • |, NLD | June 06, 2023 12:04 PM
An old fishing village in the southern central province of Binh Dinh has been beautified with murals, helping to attract more tourists.

Nhon Ly Fishing Village is located around 20 kilometres from the centre of Quy Nhon City. Most of the local residents live on fishing. 

Over the past month, the village has had a facelift thanks to many colourful murals.

The paintings feature the daily life of fishermen and calls for joint efforts to protect the environment.

A visitor from HCM City, Tran Thi Thu said that this was the first time she came to Nhon Ly and she was extremely impressed by its peaceful beauty. 

"The murals help to leave a better impression on visitors," she said.

Nguyen Tuan Dung, chairman of Nhon Ly Commune, said the idea of painting murals originated from Venerable Giac Ty, the abbot of Ngoc Hoa Pagoda in Nhon Ly commune. Initially, Venerable Giac Ty proposed painting murals on the walls along Quan Slope in Ly Luong Village only. Then, the village lured more tourists thanks to the murals, the idea was expanded to Nhon Ly fishing village.

Phan Tuan Hoang, head of Quy Nhon City’s Board of Culture and Information, said that local authorities have green-lit the expansion the concept throughout the city.

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