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Breath-taking beauty of Sapa’s ripening paddy fields
  • By Toan Vu-Duong Quoc Hieu | | August 25, 2021 10:08 AM
Sapa’s terraced fields are ripening, creating a stunning beauty.

Sapa Town is always an attractive destination to visitors, particularly in winter with snow and yellow paddy fields in autumn.

The time between mid-August and early September is seen as the nicest time in Sapa as the paddy fields started ripening. It is also the time when the rice fields change colour to yellow. The whole fields are covered with the honey-yellow colour of the ripened rice extending to infinity. 

Every year, tourists often flock to the town at this time. But, this year, just a small number of tourists come to Sapa.



It is easy to see beautiful terraced fields along Muong Hoa Valley and Cat Cat, Thanh Kim, Thanh Phu, Ta Van, Lao Chai and Ta Phin villages.

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