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Domestic digital economy lures young Vietnamese home
  • | | April 10, 2024 12:19 PM
The fast-growing digital economy and development of the domestic technology sector are expected to attract Vietnamese to return home to work.

Nguyen Trang, who uses Sarah as her name in English, spent seven years working in Northern Europe as a senior strategy consultant for the globally renowned Boston-based consulting firm, Bain & Company.

Director of Marketing and Growth at Shopee Vietnam, Nguyen Trang.

She decided it was time to seek new career challenges.

Two years ago, at the end of the pandemic, she returned to Vietnam initially intending to contribute to Bain & Company’s ambitious Vietnam plans.

However, Sarah decided to shift her career after engaging with the leader of Shopee Vietnam, a popular e-commerce platform owned by Singaporean tech unicorn, Sea Limited.

Having spent many years abroad, Sarah voiced her desire to delve deeper into the domestic economic and societal landscape.

"The ideal way to accomplish this was by maintaining a presence in an industry rapidly developing here," she shared. "I was previously only advising companies on business strategies. Now I'm eager to play an active role in implementing the strategies I propose. The dynamism can be seen in how consumers purchase goods and services online. I feel invigorated by applying my knowledge and skills to the consumer business environment within Vietnam through the rapidly expanding e-commerce industry."

As the director of Marketing and Growth at Shopee Vietnam, Sarah noticed that “e-commerce platforms are increasingly focusing on improving both buyer and after-sales service. Enhancement of customer trust and loyalty helps sellers boost sales and enhance their competitive capabilities".

Sarah believed that Vietnam offers numerous opportunities for young individuals and she relished the chance to enhance her career and support peers.

After eight years of studying abroad from 15, Ngo Mai Nhat Huy decided to return home.

Ngo Mai Nhat Huy

Having been in New Zealand for three years, Huy moved to the US to earn a supply chain management degree. After graduating Huy joined Deloitte Consulting in Dallas and helped provide strategic business, risk management, and digital consulting services. Huy sought advice from friends and business contacts before returning to Vietnam to work. He chose the technology sector and applied to work at Shopee Vietnam. This allowed Huy to utilise the expertise he had acquired in the US. Later, Huy was transferred to Shopee Brazil for a six-month stint to gain exposure to international work environments.

"Having experienced diverse working styles and cultures in the US, Vietnam, and Brazil, I found it enriching and enlightening," he said. "It was interesting to exchange practical experiences in e-commerce supply chain management in the Vietnamese market with those from abroad," he added.

Huy was part of a team managing the installation of the first automated cargo sorting project at SPX Vietnam, and this experience led him to be appointed as the project manager of the first automated cargo sorting machine in Brazil.

"Before returning to Vietnam, I had no specifics about my future," he shared. "But after returning I realised the wide range of opportunities and options available for my self-development. The choice is to find a place of familiarity and sense of belonging."

After seven years of studies in Singapore and the US, Nguyen Hoang Thai also contemplated returning to Vietnam to seek a job in technology.

Nguyen Hoang Thai

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Thai observed how supply chains were disrupted due to quarantine restrictions.

However, technology through e-commerce platforms like Shopee allowed farmers to connect quickly with consumers, maintain supply, and open markets.

"Covid showed me how technology can transform and improve people's lives," he said. "Despite the challenges during the pandemic, technology can be deployed to reduce inequality gaps. I understood the enormous impact, motivating me to work in the technology sector. The rapid expansion of the sector in Vietnam has important implications for young people.”

Working at Shopee has allowed Thai to explore his creative thinking. He observes how decision-making processes are largely driven by creatively examining issues from multiple perspectives.

More importantly, he looks forward to his contribution towards ensuring Made in Vietnam products gain international recognition.

On March 31, 2022, the Prime Minister of Vietnam, via Decision No. 411/QD-TTg, approved the National Strategy for Digital Economy and Digital Society Development up till 2025, with a vision for 2030. The digital economy's foundation focuses in technology and digital platforms, with e-commerce being one of its crucial pillars. Digital enterprises hold a critical significance in fostering Vietnam's digital economic growth.

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