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Student creates robotic arm for disabled
  • By Quoc Trieu | | October 19, 2018 07:56 AM
A student in the central province of Quang Ngai has successfully created a good value robotic arm suitable for use by the disabled.

After an eight-month development process, Ngo Van Det, 23, from Pham Van Dong University launched the robotic arm priced at only VND3 million (USD136.36), much lower than other comparative products. 


After an eight-month development process, Det launched the robotic arm priced at only VND3 million

The young man said that Vietnam has many disabled people facing financial difficulties, so he hoped that his product would be useful to them.

The robotic fingers can move flexibly as well as grasp things easily like real ones. The pressure sensitive element is linked to users’ biceps. When the biceps move, the element will record the signal and transmit to the arm.

Earlier, he made the first product which still included many redundant details, while the priced was up to VND6 million. He was not satisfied with this and tried to do this one with the price halved.

Pham Truong Tung, a lecture from Pham Van Dong University, said that he supported Det to finish the product.

Det gave the arm to some disabled people for testing, including Le Quang Trong from Hanh Tin Dong Commune, Nghia Hanh District.

Trong said that the robotic arm’s fingers are better than the prosthetic hand which he was using.

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