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Vietnamese students win competition on Mekong River development
  • | | January 25, 2017 11:19 AM

Three students have won first prize at the Youth Innovation Competition on Lantsang-Mekong Region’s Governance and Development.

The final round of the competition was held from January 12 to 16 in Nanning City, China with 16 teams from China, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam.


Three students have won first prize at the

Youth Innovation Competition on Lantsang-Mekong Region’s Governance and Development

With the Friendship Stair project, three students from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam presented a system to closely monitor the water storing and discharging at hydropower dams.

They aim to prevent floods and droughts in all six countries while ensuring the activities at hydropower plants more positive and improve the region's economy. The project is suitable for both monsoon and dry season as well as the dams that have reservoirs and those do not. The most difficult task is collaboration among six countries.

Vu Quynh Trang, one of three students, said six countries had signed an agreement at the Mekong River summit in March last year. Furthermore, this project not only would provide help when there are floods or power shortages but also allow reasonable water distribution at all dams to promote sustainable development.


Vietnamese groups at the competition

"It can improve the industrial, agriculture and aquaculture industries so it can promote cooperation among the countries," she said.

Many Chinese individuals and organisations have given support to the project.

In August, the group will be invited to a short-term training course in Yushu, Tibet, the source of the Mekong River in order to perfect and realise the project with help from the experts.

"We couldn't test the project in reality but we have researched and calculated every idea and formula carefully. We got help from our lecturer Nguyen Van Lich," Trang said.

Because there is a difference between theory and practice, the group is trying to contact more experts to complete the project.

When being asked what they would do with CNY1m (USD146,000), Nguyen Sy Hung said, "Holding this certificate of merit and when Vietnam and our university names were called, we’re already very happy. A small part will be used to celebrate this victory with our friends and lecturers, the rest will be used to further complete the project."

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