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Hanoi flower village ahead of Tet
  • By Huu Nghi | | January 05, 2022 10:19 AM
Thousands of lamps are used for flower fields in Tay Tuu Village, Hanoi, to make flowers bloom in time for the Lunar New Year or Tet Festival.

Tay Tuu is the biggest flower hub in Hanoi. Flower growing has existed for around 100 years in the locality. At present, growing flowers is seen as the major source of income for many local households.

The flower season for Tet Festival in Tay Tuu starts from the 11th lunar month. Lamps are often used for flowers just a short time after being grown. Light is more prioritised for flowering plants that see slow development.


Farmers also apply the method of cutting buds back for the better development of the best ones. Some herbs are also grown along with flowers.

The lamps are often used for flower fields in Tay Tuu for around six weeks.

Available farmland in Tay Tuu is declining because of urbanisation, so local residents have to hire more land from neighbouring localities to plant flowers and vegetables.

Over the recent years, people in Tay Tuu have grown rose trees in baskets, which have given them higher profits. However, it is more difficult to take care of this kind of tree.

Tay Tuu has a flower market which is open on every 15th and 30th lunar day. But, it takes place more before Tet.

The village is home to 284.9 hectares of flowers and 3.5 hectares of vegetables.

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