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Charming beauty of Noong Lake in Ha Giang
  • | vov | June 26, 2015 01:56 PM

Besides Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, Ha Giang province was known with mystic and attractive beauty of Noong Lake.

Noong Lake is located on the Tay Con Linh Mountain Range, Phu Linh Commune, Vi Xuyen District, 15km from Ha Giang city. From Ha Giang, going through forests, terraced fields and hamlets of the Tay, Mong and Dao ethnic minority people, tourists will arrive at Noong Lake that runs around the foot of Noong Mountain.

This natural lake has a total water surface area of over 20ha in the dry season and 80ha in the rainy season. It is surrounded by over 700ha of mountains and primitive forests.

In the rainy season, the water in the lake rises high enabling tourists to go sightseeing by using a dugout around the lake.

In the dry season when the water level is low, local people will raise ducks and geese on the lake. They lead a very simple life. Everyday, they catch fish in the lake and their laughter echo in the area.

Some photos of Noong Lake:


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