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HCM City's bustling nightlife
  • | | June 13, 2024 12:50 PM
Many streets in HCM City are bustling with entertainment venues as night falls.

The Thao Dien area in HCM City attracts young people and foreigners at night. From 8 pm, restaurants start to become busy.

After midnight, Xuan Thuy Street is often crowded thanks to its bars, pubs and coffee shops. Most of the local eateries are designed in a European style. Guests usually come in groups, ordering beers or cocktails.

The Ho Con Rua or Turtle Lake area in HCM City remains exciting at midnight. Young people spread out mats, buy snacks and chat until dawn amid Turtle Lake's poetic and shimmering scenery.

A young woman from Go Vap District said, "For students like us, going out after midnight is normal. It's not difficult to find places to hang out all night in the city. Depending on your mood, you can choose a suitable spot".


The area near Notre-Dame Cathedral in District 1 is also a favourite place for relaxing at night. It is easy to see people gather, sing and play group games there, bringing with them drinks and snacks.

Meanwhile, on Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street, people often gather to sing, dance, skateboard, or engage in sports activities together.

Some cinemas in HCM City attract people at 1-2 am.

Bui Vien Street is a must-see spot in HCM City for nightlife activities. Visitors may be overwhelmed by the vibrant choice of bars, pubs, and eateries with pulsating music and lights throughout the night.

The nightlife in Ho Chi Minh City is characterised by diverse cuisine. Eateries can be found along major streets, serving dishes like broken rice, pho, and Hu Tieu noodle soup. Tran Binh Trong Street in District 5 is a food paradise in the city.

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