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Exploring HCM City's antique market
  • |, Tien Phong | June 03, 2024 07:17 AM
Nhat Tao Market in HCM City has captured the interest of many visitors as it specialises in selling old and used items.

The market on the pavements of districts 10 and 11 is often crowded. There are no stalls; traders simply spread a tarp on the sidewalk to display their goods. They sell various old products, including household items, furniture, electronics, toys, and jewellery.

The market sells a variety of watches, priced from a few to tens of millions of VND each.

Stallholders are quite happy to bargain at the market. For example, a speaker valued at VND400,000 (USD15.71) was sold for half that price.


The market offers many rare and obsolete items. It also provides spiritual and feng shui products.


The goods come from individuals, households or from scrap collectors. Sellers sort the sellable items; the remainder are disassembled for spare parts.

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