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Hemp harvest in Ha Giang
  • |, TP | May 23, 2023 03:08 PM

H’mong ethnic women in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang’s Dong Van Plateau are busy harvesting hemp trees at this time of year.

Hemp trees not only have economic value but also represent a spiritual symbol for H’mong women in Ha Giang. If this kind of tree is grown in a H'mong family, it is a sign that the family has diligent, skillful, and hardworking women.

In Dong Van, every H’mong woman knows how to spin fibre, weave cloth and make clothes from the hemp trees for their family members. They consider it traditional work and cultural expression that differentiates their costumes from other ethnic groups in the region.

The process from growing hemp plants to making products using hemp fibres includes around 40 steps.

After harvest, hemp stalks are allowed to dry in the open air for several weeks. Fabric made from these fibres is typically quite strong and durable. The work requires patience, skill and exacting techniques.

It takes hemp trees around three to four months to be harvested. Summer is the time for hemp harvest.

Children play beside piles of hemp trees

Hemp trees symbolises the strength and optimism of the H’mong people.

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