Hanoi zoo lights fires to keep animals warm
  • | | January 29, 2024 07:57 PM
Hanoi’s Thu Le Zoo is taking various measures including installing heaters, lighting fires, and providing warm water to protect the animals from the current chilly weather.

The zoo is home to nearly 700 animals of 90 different species, many of which belong to rare groups that are facing extinction threats.

Although a Sunday, there were just a few visitors at the zoo on January 28 as Hanoi was facing a severe cold front with rain.

The zoo had taken various measures to keep warm for the animals.

Talking to Dantri/Dtinews, general director of the Hanoi Zoo, Le Si Dung, said that they already had plans to protect the animals during winter.

"We've installed heaters in the areas for large animals such as elephants, tigers, lions or bears," he said. Firewood is lit all day and night at the areas for deer and horses and dry grass and straw are placed on the floor of their cages. 

A water heater system is used to provide warm water for the hippos. Photo by Tienphong.

A staff member at the zoo said that in addition to the various measures used to keep the animals warm, they also have to pay due attention to their diet during the cold weather. "We're providing them more nutritious food to increase their immunity," she said. "They're also given frequent health check-ups and will be separated for monitoring if they fall ill. Luckily they're all in stable health now."

The cages for monkeys have been covered with metal sheets and coconut leaves and have dry straw on the floor for them to sleep.

Some sheep, goats, and monkeys gather together to seek warmth.

The weather in some northern localities including Hanoi has fallen to between 9-11 degrees Celsius for over a week. It is forecasted that the cold front will fade from January 30.

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