Quang Ngai offices abandoned due to landslides
  • |, Baogiaothong | January 09, 2024 08:05 AM
Many local government offices in the central province of Quang Ngai's Son Tay District have been abandoned due to the threat of landslides.

Local authorities in Son Tay District invested billions in building a new administrative centre which gathered headquarters and offices of various departments and agencies between 2011-2016. A major VND10 billion dyke project was also carried out to prevent landslides in the area. However, all the constructions have been threatened by serious landslides from nearby mountains.

The headquarters of the Son Tay District Federation of Labour has seen thousands of cubic metres of soil and rocks falling from the mountain behind it. After heavy rains, mud would fill the yard, and it even flowed into the offices.

Just a short time after it was put into operation in 2016, many of the staff had to relocate to other rooms to ensure their safety. Chairman of the federation, Le Van Luat, said that three offices and a toilet were abandoned over the past three years after they were badly damaged by landslides.

The yards of all offices along the main road have been filled with mud after recent floods.

The fences around the offices have been nearly buried.

Lots of facilities have been badly damaged.

The dyke has been unable to withhold the rocks and soil.

Son Tay District People's Committee said that they are closely studying the situation to adopt proper solutions.

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