Photos recall Vietnamese Tet pre-doi moi
  • | GDVN, | February 13, 2013 11:28 PM

Precious photos of Tet in the north during the 1976-1986 portray busy streets and crowed shops.

Shops decorated with banners and ornaments

People lined up the near Hanoi Opera House to buy rationed food

Crowed general stores

A woman selling pictures and photos for Tet


People flocking to Hang Luoc or Nhat Tan Street in Hanoi to buy peach flowers

Streets swamped with people and flowers

Taking Tet goods home

Pork meat and fried minced pork are essential during Tet

Buying rice to make chung cake or sticky rice

Waiting to buy jams in the store

Chung cakes pressed for firmness

A beverage store

Various kinds of fabric to make children's clothes were also popular as Tet nears

A man selling fireworks


Running to Thong Nhat Train Station to return home

Hanoi's streets during Tet

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