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Trekking up Nui Dai Nam Gieng
  • | SGT | January 08, 2012 08:36 PM

Nui Dai Nam Gieng (Long Mountain, Five Wells) in An Giang Province is famous for old wells and ancient temples where travelers can hear mysterious folklores and get closer to nature.

Tourists visit Ba Temple on Nui Dai Nam Gieng in An Giang Province

Located in Phu Hoa Hamlet, An Phu Commune, Tinh Bien District near Nha Bang Town, the mountain is accessible by a sloping trail and surrounded by shady trees. It is easy for travelers to make it, with a little bit sweat for sure.

At a teashop of Mr. Ba Dong, we learn from him that 6 a.m. is ideal to start the trip up the mountain together with local farmers. However, he assures that it takes about 45 minutes for us to climb up the 2km path with red arrows along the way. Accompanying along the journey are fluttering leaves, singing birds and buzzing insects.

Halfway we meet Co Ba Temple, the hermitage Miss Ba aged 77, a resident in Binh Minh District, Vinh Long Province. With a hope to stay away from the busy world, she takes her daughter and son-in-law up there to make use of land and lead a religious life. Near the temple is Ngoc Hoang Temple which attracts many pilgrims.

The mountain has a perimeter of 8,761m, but there are only 2 houses, and several huts for looking over farms.

There are some small streams in the rainy season, but they are too small to supply fresh water for two families settled on the mountain. Therefore, they need to store rainwater in a cement tank for use during the dry season.

The mountain is 265 metres high and five wells are tucked at an altitude of about 200 metres, on the slope of the east. Five wells including three odd wells and a double one, in which the mouth of each well has an irregular oval and is not more than two square metres wide.

No one knows how deep they are but they know that the wells are full of water even in the dry season. Legend has it that in the future these five wells will have five blossoming lotus flowers together with five beasts to protect the wells. This myth lures a large volume of pilgrims around the country.

From the peak of the mountain, tourists can see Ket Mountain in the distance and Phu Hoa Hamet below. Near the wells is Ba Temple where tourists can find stillness and peace of mind while taking a rest or burn incense to pray for the good.

Strolling around the mountain to learn more about daily life of farmers there is recommended. They grow many kinds of fruit such as cashew, mango, jack-fruit, coconut, longan, plum and durian. Under the shade with the immense winds of heaven, tourists just enjoy sweet and delicious fruits on the mountain and drown themselves in fresh nature.

Twin wells on the peak of Nui Dai - Photos: Cat Loc

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