Hanoi coffee shops, eateries cash in on Tet
  • |, Tien Phong | February 12, 2024 03:00 PM
Many coffee shops and eateries in Hanoi have remained open throughout the Tet Lunar New Year, attracting a large number of customers from early morning until late at night.

Coffee shops and restaurants are decorated beautifully with a Tet theme to check in.

Lots of young people choose cafes for their meeting at the beginning of the Lunar New Year. Thuy Chi in Ba Dinh District came to a coffee shop on Khuc Hao Street in Ba Dinh Street to meet some of her friends. She said that the shop’s Tet menu clearly displays prices. Despite the slight price rise, she is satisfied with the service.

Customers took photos at a coffee shop in Hanoi.

People also flock to restaurants on the first days of the Lunar New Year.

A Pho Cuon (rolled Pho) restaurant in Ba Dinh District has remained crowded these days. Many customers have to wait for 15-20 minutes to be served.

The favourable weather has encouraged more people to rush to the city centre to relax, leading to traffic congestion on some streets.

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