Cat Lai Port proposes easing travel restrictions to deal with overloading
  • | laodong, | August 07, 2021 07:09 AM
 >>  Cat Lai Port faces overloading
The Cat Lai Port has asked the HCM authorities to ease travel restrictions at the port to help reduce the large number of containers stuck at the port.


Cat Lai Port

Saigon Newport Corporation, manager of Cat Lai Port, submitted the proposal on August 5 to give a travel permit to employees who do not live in locked-down areas to go in and out of the port even during curfew. People who live in Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province, can also return to work at the port if they test negative for Covid-19.

Saigon Newport Corporation has worked with other parties to deal with overloading problems. They will further optimise the port usage, find other warehouses, and adjust the schedule to be more effective. Saigon Newport Corporation will waive several fees to support businesses.

Containers that have been at the port for over 15 days will be transferred to other ports in HCM City such as Long Binh, Nhon Trach, Song Than and Tan Cang-Hiep Phuoc. Containers that have been at the port for over 90 days will be brought to Hiep Phuoc Port and have their procedures sped up.

Another option is to stop receiving containers from firms that have to halt businesses and refrigerated containers in transhipment.

The number of goods stuck at Cat Lai Port in HCM City is increasing as firms halt operations amid the Covid-19 outbreak. A 106,717 TEU, or 20-foot equivalent unit, of goods are stuck at the port, occupying over 86% of the port area.

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