Many schools in Hanoi warn of student kidnapping risks
  • | | March 25, 2023 08:00 AM
Many schools in Hanoi have issued warnings about the risks of students being kidnapped.

On March 24, a nursery school in Hoang Mai District asked parents to be more vigilant about kidnapping.

According to Luu Ly from Hoang Mai District’s Dai Kim Ward, a child who is in the same class of her five-year-old daughter was followed by a stranger. The child then told her building security force about the issue so his security was ensured.

In another recent incident, a grade-five student from a primary school in Hoang Mai District was cheated by a strange man. The man pretended to be a motorbike taxi driver hired by the child’s mother to pick him up. Luckily, while on the bike, he saw his mother and recognised he was deceived.

Pham Dam Thuc Hanh, head of Hoang Mai District’s Department of Education and Training, said that she was unaware of that particular incident. However, the department issued a warning to 38 local primary and secondary schools to raise awareness.

On March 23, a woman whose child is studying at Kim Liem High School in Dong Da District received a call from an unknown person, saying that she needed to pay him VND5 million as her son owed him. This man even provided her son’s personal information accurately. She tried to keep calm and called for her son’s teacher to check.

Following the case, Kim Lien High School was alerted.

Early this month, many parents in Vietnam received scam calls from people who posed as medical staff urging parents to transfer money to them so that their children can be provided with emergency treatment.

In some other cases, swindlers pretended to be sports teachers when calling parents. They said that their child had fallen while exercising and had been sent to hospital. Therefore, parents needed to transfer money as soon as possible to help their children.

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