What is RSS?

RSS is a data format based on XML standards are used to share and distribute Web content. Using news reader programs (News Reader, RSS Reader or RSS Feeds) will keep you quickly see the latest news from the newspaper DTiNews.

Each message in the form of RSS will include: title, abstract content and conduit to the Web page containing the full content of the message.

The channel's RSS DTiNews report

Home Home https://dtinews.vn/en/rss/index.html Add to Google Add to MyYahoo
News News https://dtinews.vn//en/rss/017/index.html Add to Google Add to MyYahoo
International International https://dtinews.vn//en/rss/017001/index.html Add to Google Add to MyYahoo
Business Business https://dtinews.vn//en/rss/018/index.html Add to Google Add to MyYahoo
Beautiful Vietnam Beautiful Vietnam https://dtinews.vn//en/rss/019/index.html Add to Google Add to MyYahoo
Education Education https://dtinews.vn//en/rss/020/index.html Add to Google Add to MyYahoo
Environment Environment https://dtinews.vn//en/rss/021/index.html Add to Google Add to MyYahoo
Charity Charity https://dtinews.vn//en/rss/022/index.html Add to Google Add to MyYahoo
Sports & Entertainment Sports & Entertainment https://dtinews.vn//en/rss/023/index.html Add to Google Add to MyYahoo
Opinion Opinion https://dtinews.vn//en/rss/027/index.html Add to Google Add to MyYahoo
In-depth In-depth https://dtinews.vn//en/rss/024/index.html Add to Google Add to MyYahoo
Vietnamese Talents Vietnamese Talents https://dtinews.vn//en/rss/025/index.html Add to Google Add to MyYahoo

Add an RSS channel RSS on the pages of newspapers DTiNews Individuals: Google, MyYahoo!

  1. Click on the "+ Google" or "+ My Yahoo!" same line as the item you want in the catalog table RSS channel of newspapers DTiNews
  2. Follow the instructions to add RSS item corresponding to the pages of newspapers DTiNews your personal.
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What is RSS reader?

Rss Reader is a software to automatically retrieve information has been structured according RSS formats. A number of RSS reader allows you to schedule an update. With RSS reader, you can click on a title to read the summary of or open up the entire contents of the message in a default browser window.

There is plenty of software for information extraction via RSS format, you can refer to table the next readers and choose what you like best.

If you are using FireFox, you can download the program from this address Wizz RSS

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Using the RSS reader (RSS Reader)

  1. Copy the URL corresponding to your favorite RSS channel.
  2. Paste the URL into the RSS reader.

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Conditions of Use

Newspapers DTiNews not responsible for the content of pages outside Alert DTiNews cited on this page.

When using the information obtained from newspaper DTiNews, you must specify the source as "The Newspapers DTiNews "or" Newspapers DTiNews ".

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