Poor management leads to destruction of forestland
  • By Anh The | dtinews.vn | November 14, 2013 09:08 AM

Local authorities in Bac Giang Province have shown inconsistencies in forest management, leading to a large area of forest being destroyed by a local company.

 Duong Xuan Banh, deputy head of the provincial DARD

Following a denouncement from local people, inspectors from Bac Giang Province's Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) discovered the wrongdoings in Bong Am Commune, Son Dong District.

According to the letter, in 2008, the Son Dong Forestry Company was hired by provincial authorities to work on a forest rehabilitation project. They successfully rehabilated 351.7ha out of the assigned 390ha. But they also destroyed 23ha of natural of forestland to plant cash crops without permission. Saying that they needed a road to serve their purposes, Son Dong Company destroyed more forest to built a 4km long road. But, in fact, this road is used to carry wood out of the forest.

Even though inspectors concluded that this was a serious violation, they still said the damage was not substantial because only 50 cubic metres of forest were destroyed. Duong Xuan Banh, deputy head of provincial DARD, said they sent the reports to Bac Giang Province People's Committee but have not received any feedback as far as punishment for the Son Dong Company.

Meanwhile, the Son Dong Forest Ranger Unit did not know about the destruction or make report to the authorities. The unit has failed to perform their jobs, and inspectors have asked to make individual responsibility clear in this case.

However, the vice chairman of Bac Giang People's Committee, Lai Thanh Son, said they had assigned the job of forest management to the local DARD. "Authority to deal with this case belongs to the forest ranger units and the local DARD. They haven't reported the results of investigations to me yet," he said.

The head of the local DARD, Nguyen Van Khai, affirmed that only the provincial People's Committee has authority to handle this case. "To be more specific, the Department of Home Affairs must take over at this point." he said.

While the authorities continue pushing off responsibility, Chu Ba Nghia, director of Son Dong Forestry Company has not been dealt with.

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