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HCM City flooded restaurant
  • |, Tienphong | May 27, 2024 03:00 PM
HCM City has a new restaurant designed to be flooded. Customers dine at tables in a lush environment surrounded by water.

Owner Tran Van Ngoc, 67, said that he missed his childhood home in Dong Thap Province, which was often surrounded by flood waters during September and November's rainy season, so he wanted to recreate the experience.

"I've been very surprised that my customers also shared my homesickness," Ngoc said. "My restaurant has attracted lots of customers, especially during hot weather. People have also welcomed the scenery and cool atmosphere."

Customer Le Phuc Lam said the restaurant brought back old memories for people from the Mekong Delta.

"I always feel relaxed coming here," Lam said. "The flooded scene, the sound of the water, bring me back to my peaceful childhood when I was a girl living in Tien Giang Province."

Another customer, Nguyen Tam, said this was his family's favourite restaurant.

"I often take my husband and our two children here during the weekend," Tam said. "My husband and I grew up in the Mekong Delta province of Ben Tre, and we both liked the flooding season in our home. Our children love to play with the water here, and we also want them to know more about the region and some of its specialities. We particularly like the dishes made from chicken and fish here."

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